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Meeting Menopause

Many of us find ourselves challenged and bewildered by both the psychological and physical changes that arrive with the approach of the menopause. We have a feeling that we don’t quite “fit” in our own skin anymore. And with a cultural backdrop that seems to have only negative things to say about the menopause this can be a lonely place.  


And yet menopause is a completely normal and healthy process of transition that affects every woman. It can be a dynamic gateway to exciting change and to you authoring your own story: feeling empowered to bring a fuller version of yourself to this stage of life. The programme aims to support you in seeing beyond ‘symptoms’ and connecting with the possibilities that menopause can bring to envision the purpose, meaning and wisdom you want to bring to your life. 

It is not just for women who are experiencing symptoms, but for anyone in the perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause phase or simply wanting to know more. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to the menopause transition. Our experience of menopause may be very different according to life experiences, our personal history, physical health and lifestyle. We will use a process of personal Enquiry that we will work with individually and collectively, to provide a framework for the programme and so that the exploration journey is always relevant and pertinent for your particular experience of this life transition.


Meeting Menopause Programme

You can either do a full 6 month programme which includes 6 individual counselling sessions (to be scheduled  with you directly) plus a weekend retreat with 10-15 other women. Or, you can opt for the weekend package which includes the weekend retreat plus one individual counselling session. 

Weekend Retreat 

20th-22nd September 2024 

At Claridge House Retreat Centre, Dormans Rd, Dormansland, Lingfield RH7 6QH 

This weekend experience offers women time to process, prepare for, or integrate the changes and challenges of menopause.  

We will use a powerful combination of simple physical practices and meditation (drawing on yoga and qi gong), the story Seal Skin Soul Skin from Clarissa Pinkola Estes book “Women Who Run with The Wolves" (as a map to the unconscious), time in nature, group processes such as shadow and archetype work and creativity techniques. We use these different ways of knowing to explore our inner world and what messages from the unconscious may be waiting to bring us insights.  

It is an opportunity to sit in circle with other women, share stories and tap into the collective intelligence and the field created by a group of wise women.


Online Counselling Sessions (to be scheduled individually)

Individual sessions with a qualified counsellor allows for time to really focus on ourselves and our specific issues and provides ongoing structure and support. 


Full 6 month programme which includes weekend retreat (residential with accommodation and food included) at Claridge House plus 6 individual counselling sessions £920. 


Weekend retreat only (residential with accommodation and food included) at Claridge House plus one essential individual counselling session prior to the weekend £630

Further one to one counselling sessions can be added at a later date at £70 per session

*Special Offer Price: £400  includes an individual session and the full weekend. Valid until July.*


Prices are for single room occupancy. There is the possibility of a reduction for shared accommodation. 

If you feel drawn to this work but price is an obstacle, we will be offering subsidised non residential courses in London. So please sign up or get in touch.


Simple bedrooms, single occupancy but opportunity to share 

Healthy vegetarian meals provided to be eaten together, family style 








Arrival, settle in rooms 

Opening circle 

Communal evening meal 

Evening session 










Morning physical practice (all abilities catered for)

Communal breakfast

Morning session

Communal midday meal

Rest and individual reflection

Afternoon session (including a break and time outside)

Communal evening meal

Soulful evening sharing music and stories








Morning physical practice (all abilities)

Communal breakfast and checking out of rooms

Morning session

Communal midday meal

Final circle


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Our Menopause Stories


When I first started experiencing the menopause, I had no idea what was going on. I felt confused, angry and uncomfortable. I lost my confidence and didn’t feel like myself. It took me some time to connect these feelings to the menopause. I was shocked to discover the level of negativity towards menopause, and the secrecy, shame and embarrassment that seemed to go with it. I was determined to find resources to support myself, and other women to share these experiences. I have come to see it as an incredibly important transition and have felt empowered as I have engaged fully with what it has to show me. I am passionate about supporting women through this transition and I wanted to create a program that I would have loved to attend myself. 


I had a very early sudden “menopause” aged 42. It was provoked by an emotional shock, and I just stopped bleeding from one month to the next. I had very intense “symptoms” particularly hot sweats, some dizziness. I was put on tablets for blood pressure and told to go home. It took nearly 12 months for doctors to look to the Menopause to explain some of the symptoms I was experiencing. I realised how ill-informed the medical profession can be about menopause and women’s health in general. This led me on a long journey to look for the support I needed and to me creating a different relationship to my body through yoga and other energy practices. With a very busy life as a single, working mum, I eventually decided to take HRT and still do in its bioidentical form. That didn’t stop me going through the psychological and emotional Menopause transition in my early fifties. 

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